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Indy died in 2007 from Canine Obesity.

In 2007, my family lost our dog to canine obesity. We all were devastated from this loss, and I felt it was ultimately my fault. I spent the next 18 months becoming a student of the epidemic in America known as canine obesity. I began training dogs to walk on treadmills, beginning with my new rescue dog Jake. I then took a treadmill to a local shelter and offered to teach the dogs to walk on it. That is when the light bulb went on. The Aha moment! We discovered that when a dog in a kennel was able to burn off excess energy, they were calm for the rest of the day. Those dogs were being adopted faster than the rest.



My name is Chris Stoneberg. I am the President and Founder of American Dog Fitness.

The American Veterinarian Medical Association estimates that over 54% of the dogs in the USA are overweight. That’s more than 50 million Dogs! Here’s what’s interesting... the owners of those dogs when asked if they believed that their pets are overweight only 17% of dog owners believe that their pets overweight. So there are some misconceptions between pets that are clearly overweight and owners' perception of what canine obesity is.  At

I will be talking about how you’re able to help control your pet’s weight and also how do you know if your dog is fat?
I have been training dogs to walk on treadmills and providing education and understanding to people over the last ten years.


We will provide your FAMILY with wellness coaching for your CRAZY OR FAT OR somewhere in between loving doggies through Dog Treadmill Training and perform a basic evaluation of the brand of dog food they are currently using.I look forward to helping everyone MAXIMIZE YOUR DOGS LIFE NOW!

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Chris Stoneberg
President of American Dog Fitness
Certified Master Trainer



Jake is the very first dog i rescued with HEART WORM. i cured him then taught him to walk on.
Jake  was with Me the day i took a treadmill into the city dog shelter, Jake walked  on it first then i began teaching some of the other dogs to walk on it. Energy is  everything in the  dog world. when a dog is in a kennel 24/7 they have  too much energy They need  to release  the energy so  they are calm and relaxed when humans look to adopt

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